Each time I meet with Amy, I leave with ideas and tools to apply immediately with my team.
Clint D.
Houston, TX

I’ve coached hundreds of leaders one-on-one and hundreds more as part of a group.

Depending on your goals, values and preferred ways of working, we’ll create a customized coaching program together. 

To give you an idea, customized coaching work can:
take place in-person or over the phone be the primary way we work together or part of larger solution involve sessions ranging from 30 to 90 minutes span 3 to 12 months or more incorporate weekly or monthly sessions or anything in between


Fully step into their leadership to boldly achieve what’s really important

So that they:

  • enhance and develop leadership in individuals throughout the team
  • think and plan strategically so everyone’s efforts are optimized
  • take risks to boldly expand capacity and create new endeavors

Create amazingly productive teams

That are:

  • aligned on objectives and approach allowing them to achieve extraordinary results quickly
  • Empowered, engaged and proud
  • leveraging each others’ strengths so the sum of what they create together is exponentially more than what they could create working as individuals

Embody The Courage of a Leader to achieve exceptional results

Leaders who have:

  • the courage to be authentic
  • the courage to say what needs to be said
  • the courage to ask others to follow
  • the courage to be bold and create the extraordinary

My coaching approach is pragmatic with a bias for action. I believe sustained effective change comes from a cycle of reflecting and taking action.

I worked with Amy during a period of my life when everything felt so overpowering. I am now able to balance business, philanthropic work, marriage, friendships and me time.
Zully A.
Silverado Financial Network

With over 2 decades of experience coaching leaders in one-on-one and group settings, I now know I can guarantee that as a leader coaching with me…

…You will leave each session with practical and tangible ideas you can immediately implement

…You will embody YOUR unique leadership style

…You will be a more courageous leader achieving what you previous thought was impossible

…You will be both challenged and validated

I learned to become a steadier, less impatient, and less stressed leader.
Director of Mergers and Acquistions

If you want to be a bold and courageous leader achieving extraordinary results