I learned to become a steadier, less impatient, and less stressed leader. I have used skills I learned with Amy in my new position of Director of Mergers and Acquisitions in our $1.5 billion company.”
Eric Stone

Whatever you need and want to accomplish, we’ll create a customized solution together.

To give you an idea, customized solutions incorporate:
webinars half-day to 4-day workshops assessments that measure emotional intelligence, traits and/or preferences 360-degree feedback processes self-study components elearning one-on-one and group coaching virtual or in-person


Leaders to fully step into their leadership, boldly achieving what’s really important

So that they:

  • enhance and develop leadership in individuals throughout the team
  • think and plan strategically so everyone’s efforts are optimized
  • take risks to boldly expand capacity and create new endeavors

Amazingly productive teams

That are:

  • aligned on objectives and approach allowing them to achieve extraordinary results quickly
  • Empowered, engaged and proud
  • leveraging each others’ strengths so the sum of what they create together is exponentially more than what they could create working as individuals

Exceptional leaders who embody The Courage of a Leader®

Leaders who have:

  • the courage to be authentic
  • the courage to say what needs to be said
  • the courage to trust the legacy (your leadership legacy)
  • the courage to be bold and create extraordinary results

The solution we create will be based on YOUR desired outcomes, YOUR leaders, YOUR budget and other resources. I don’t give you bells and whistles you don’t need. At the same time, I will also advocate for what I think needs to be done to enable leaders to improve significantly AND embody the behaviors and outlook to continually improve their performance over the long-term.

Each program you design is specific to our needs. Your creative approach to facilitation really involves the learner.
HR Manager
Hendrickson International

With my experience of developing leaders at all levels for 2 plus decades, I can guarantee that as a leader working with me…

…You will embody YOUR unique leadership style

…You will have practical and tangible ideas you can immediately implement after each component of our programs

…You will be both challenged and validated

Great program, I received a lot of very usable tools in my day-to-day as a leader.
Sunitha T.
Atlanta, GA
I’ve attended other programs. This was different. This was very good. We were engaged at a higher level.
Aravind S.
Bangalore, India
Amy understands the importance of accountability and action in achieving results.
Tiara International

If you want bold and powerful leadership