Inspire Your Team to Greatness

Do you want your team to be more proactive? Do you want to stop putting out fires or following up all the time? Do you want your team to take ownership, keep moving things forward, and get more done in the day?

In less than 10 minutes, find out what's getting in the way and how you can get your team to be more productive, without you having to hover over them.
In my nearly 3 decades of work with leaders at all levels and across industries, I've discovered the 11 things that leaders do - even very well-intentioned leaders do - that kill productivity.

Take the Inspire Your Team to Greatness assessment and you'll get a custom report that will tell you step by step what you need to do to guarantee that your team is more proactive and productive.

Engaging Others' Hearts

Most leaders, with some hard work, feedback from multiple stakeholders, and many iterations, can get the compelling and clear message crafted and engage organizational members’ heads. Yet, our job as leaders is not finished there.

Accelerate Trust

I think it’s useful—if we want to build trust fast—to consider how we can extend trust in specific factors known to increase trust. Here’s a trust equation I’ve effectively used in leadership development programs to systemically explore how to intentionally create the conditions for trust.

Questions to Build Trust and Team Success

Without personal connection, we risk not taking the time with each other to understand what’s needed and what others plan to do with our deliverables, not trusting enough to negotiate priorities, and not discussing the nuances of the work.

Make Your Teams Extraordinary in the Virtual World

Teams can become more extraordinary than ever! I’ve seen this time and time again. The companies that feel confident about their current company culture, took the time to gather data. We want data in order to effectively strategize. Here’s the information we need.

Know Your Strengths

Strengths are activities at which you excel and that you enjoy. You want to know your strengths so you can bring value and your energy and interest to your work. When you are working in your strength areas, you are more creative and resilient. You bring your best self and best leadership.

Guidance System for Success

I suggest leaders use two different inquiries to identify their ideals or to have team members identify their ideals. it’s important to distinguish your top ideals because you want to use them as guidance when you’re making tough choices and decisions about where to focus your time and talent.

Leadership Autobiography

To inspire others to get 100% on board with you, you need to let others in and have them learn more about you. To know is to understand and to understand is to trust. In order to let others learn about you, your philosophies, your values and leadership, you need to be aware of these yourself.

Resilience Building Development Plan Template

If we regularly encourage employees to renew and refuel, they will create practices that allow them to keep their energy levels up and will increase their resilience. Here is a 3-part process to support team members to renew and refuel, which involves the creation of a development plan.

Get into the Mindset Guaranteed to Accelerate Trust

How do we get into the mindset for extending trust? Assume good intentions. That’s it, assume good intentions. From the beginning, and when it seems like someone is stalling, and when a mistake is made, assume good intentions.

How to Find Courage and Resilience to be a Powerful Leader during Tough Times

Great leadership is more important than ever. There is ambiguity, uncertainty and safety risks right now. Working from home and working in new ways is magnifying the deficiencies and the strengths in the leaders around us.

Build the Ultimate Corporate Culture

70% of engagement is attributed to the leader, according to Gallup (Randall Beck and Jim Harter, Gallup Business Journal, April 21, 2015). As a leader, you are the biggest factor determining whether those around you are fully dedicated to the work, or not.

The Courage of a Leader®
4 Pillars

Discover how to increase productivity, declare a leadership legacy, inspire people to accomplish what’s really important, and use the #1 secret to achieving amazing results, time and time again.

Pillar 1: The Courage to Be Authentically You

Our world, right now, needs leaders who know how to inspire, engage and get extraordinary results. As a leader, you’ve got opportunities, pressures, questions and complexities coming at you...

Pillar 2: The Courage to Say What Needs to Be Said

When it’s time to deliver a tough message, do you can feel like you’ve got to have a complex set of interpersonal skills mastered? If so, you’re not alone.

Pillar 3: The Courage to Trust the Legacy

Leaders need the commitment, the ideas, the passion and the work of others to make big ideas come to life. How do you get that kind of commitment from others?

Pillar 4: The Courage to Be Bold and Create the Extraordinary

How to be bold and create the extraordinary? Sounds like a big topic that would involve lots of methods and techniques. Yet there are 2 secrets...

Embrace Your Weaknesses

If you want to be a powerful leader, embrace your weaknesses. Weaknesses are any activities that we don’t do well or that drain us of energy. We want to include “tasks that we don’t enjoy” in our definition...

Doing Leadership YOUR Way​

How can you be the most powerful leader possible? By doing leadership YOUR way. In the consultative and coaching work that I do, I have the opportunity to work with leaders at all levels and in various...

How to Create Extraordinary Results

Creating extraordinary results. Sounds like a BIG topic that would involve LOTS of methods and techniques. Yet there are 2 secrets to creating extraordinary results.

Your Leadership Legacy

Of the thousands I’ve leaders I’ve worked with, the most powerful ones – the ones who achieve the most extraordinary results – are those who’ve defined their leadership legacy. A leadership legacy is an aspiration about how you want to be known or ...