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Our world, right now, needs leaders who know how to inspire, engage and get extraordinary results. Leaders who do so, consistently demonstrate courage in four distinct ways. They uncover and share their authentic selves. They say what needs to be said. They declare their leadership legacy and trust the guidance it provides. They are bold and create the extraordinary.

Amy L. Riley, with over two decades of experience developing leaders at all levels, describes these endeavors as The Courage of a Leader® Four Pillars. In this, her second book, she breaks down the pillars and gives easy-to-understand explanations and real examples from powerful leaders. She shares the outlook, frameworks and tools needed to be a courageous leader who inspires and gets extraordinary results.

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Quotes, insights and stories from the following expert executives possessing The Courage of a Leader® are included in the book:

This journal is inspired by and designed to accompany the book, The Courage of a Leader: How to Inspire, Engage and Get Extraordinary Results®.

This journal was created to support you to continually show up with courage and commitment as a leader, so you can achieve truly extraordinary results. In these pages, you will find room to explore and capture your thoughts, aspirations, commitments, and ideas about what your team/colleagues/customers/members/community and leadership legacy are most seeking from you and your leadership.

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We are honored and excited to bring this powerful book featuring 10 experts that are committed to helping you step forward in life and business with great purpose and impact. Our vision is to have our experts share insights, tips and tools we have discovered to support you powerfully on your journey. We know that life is not a solo journey and by coming together our goal is to help you step further and more powerfully into your gifts, talents and abilities as leaders. Together, as we lift each other up, we are all able to grow, reach more people and have a greater impact than we do trying to do everything on our own.

In each chapter, our authors (all experts and influencers) will equip and empower you to more fully step forward. I believe this book is a living and interactive book that will speak wisdom, encouragement and power into your life. I want to invite you to pause, take a deep breath and be ready to receive these powerful chapters so they can ignite a fire in you, inspire courage in you and focus you to step fully into bringing forward the gift of who you are and all that you are called to be.

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All successful, courageous leaders who achieve extraordinary results have something in common. In my work over the past two decades of coaching executives and developing leaders at all levels, I’ve identified the one trait that powerful leaders share. They all have a defined purpose to their leadership. They are committed to something bigger than themselves. There is an intent guiding and defining their leadership. The defined purpose these courageous leaders have I call a leadership legacy.

Amy Riley covers the power of discovering your Leadership Legacy in her chapter as featured in “Experts & Influencers: Move Forward with Purpose Anthology.”

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The Art of Leadership is a book about leadership for people who are in any kind of leadership position, whether their title expresses it or not. This book provides readers with a comprehensive and practical approach to addressing the everyday leadership challenges despite your location in the world or circumstances. You will find actionable insights, wisdom and essential strategies from a diverse group of leaders and level of leadership. 

This book – written by a collection of authors – is a powerful resource for those looking to grow their ability to think outside of the box and stretch beyond the typical leadership styles. It will ignite your imagination to take the road less travelled, step forward in a more purposeful way, and succeed beyond expectations. 

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Our world has changed dramatically this year, calling for different ways of thinking and operating. Leaders everywhere are trying to find new ways to inspire and engage others in a virtual environment.

Amy Riley’s new eBook covers the key skills associated with these foundational behaviors:

  • virtually demonstrating how to be a courageous leader
  • engaging others virtually

In addition, Amy explores the setup of your remote office and equipment to best enable virtual success.

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There’s an unprecedented opportunity to determine what will work best for individual team members, for the overall team, and for the work. Yet, it’s not a simple, standard answer. Employees in most industries have experienced WFH recently and clearly know what they see as the personal benefits and challenges of WFH. If you’re asking them to come back into the office for part of their week, they need to know why.

There are individual needs, common tech challenges, and specific considerations about the work you do and the clients you serve. You want to be intentional and strategic about how to simultaneously meet individual and collective needs. It’s not easy, yet it’s opportunity to demonstrate transparent, creative, courageous, empowering leadership.

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The Courage of a Leader® 4 Pillars

the courage to be authentically you

the courage to say what needs
to be said

the courage to TRUST THE

the courage to be bold and create the extraordinary