Rave Reviews

I learned to become a steadier, less impatient, and less stressed leader

I have used skills I learned with Amy in my new position of Director of Mergers and Acquisitions in our $1.5 billion company.
Eric Stone, SunSource
Amy understands the importance of accountability and action in achieving results.
Coaching Organization
Amy has real passion and a creative approach.
HR Manager
Manufacturing Firm

I’ve attended other programs. This was different. This was very good.

We were engaged at a higher level.
Aravind S, Bangalore, India
This by far was the best program in terms of keeping me engaged and focused.
Ke H.
Jakarta, Indonesia
Stretched us enough to literally grow as a leader.
Srinivas L.
San Jose, CA

I am leaving with a lot of tools to apply immediately with my team

Clint D, Houston, TX
The best program I’ve ever had!
Claudia M.
Raleigh, NC
It was the longest period of time for which I can say I’ve been engaged at a high level.
Lizet S.
Chicago, IL

Great program, I received a lot of very usable tools in my day-to-day as a leader.

Sunitha T, Atlanta, GA