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Mike is a thought leader and it was fun and an honor to dig in with him on the whys and hows of having the courage to lead effectively and intentionally. You’ll also discover how you can start living your leadership legacy today and have an immediate impact!

It was an honor and super fun to join the phenomenal Jeanne Sparrow on her podcast, Fearless Authenticity. Tune in to discover: What really is courage; How I got into my field of expertise and how you can find your zone of genius; and Challenges and failures I’ve experienced and techniques we can use to bounce back.

Host Boo asks the thought-provoking and challenging questions about how you truly become a courageous and authentic leader. Listen in to overcome self-doubt and embrace your leadership potential.

Courtney asks the hard-hitting, real questions and I share insights about the The Courage of a Leader Four Pillars. We discussed the courage it takes to develop your leadership legacy and how you can use this concept to foster leadership throughout your organization.

The amazing Nicole Greer and I had an insightful discussion about The Courage of A Leader 4 Pillars; translation of the 4 Pillars into Practical Actions for Leaders at All Levels; the Art of Having Difficult Conversations In Your Organization; and so much more!

Megan Robinson and I dive deep into the art of leadership engagement and achieving extraordinary results. We’ll be unpacking the wisdom from my latest book, “The Courage of a Leader,” and exploring the vital role of fostering a workplace culture that nurtures growth and success for every team member.

Mark Stiving and I have a great conversation about discovering your true value and harnessing your strengths as a leader. How do you recognize and assess your value as a leader? How does feedback benefit you as a leader and how to deal with self-delusion? How do you improve your people-leadership skills? and so much more!

Communicating clearly and effectively is hard enough when you and your team are all in the same building. As we’ve all learned, going virtual, and now hybrid, has added another layer of complexity. Join me and PowerSpeaking on a discussion of hybrid communication.

Is the balance of power shifting from employee to employer? Is AI in danger of reducing our willingness to connect as humans, or could it give us more opportunities for expression? Stephan Wiedner and I joined the We Not Me podcast to give our predictions for the year and gave our top tips for effectiveness, given those predictions.

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