You are currently viewing The Courage of a Leader: The Power of Your Leadership Legacy

The Courage of a Leader: The Power of Your Leadership Legacy

Listen in to part of Amy Riley’s most popular keynote to understand how a leadership legacy calls us to play big; keeps us from unknowingly playing the waiting game; and inspires us to be resilient, resourceful, and achieve the extraordinary results we want to achieve.

About the Host:

Amy L. Riley is an internationally renowned speaker, author and consultant. She has over 2 decades of experience developing leaders at all levels. Her clients include Cisco Systems, Deloitte and Barclays.

As a trusted leadership coach and consultant, Amy has worked with hundreds of leaders one-on-one, and thousands more as part of a group, to fully step into their leadership, create amazing teams and achieve extraordinary results. 


Amy’s most popular keynote speeches are:

The Courage of a Leader: The Power of a Leadership Legacy

The Courage of a Leader: Create a Competitive Advantage with Sustainable, Results-Producing Cross-System Collaboration

The Courage of a Leader: Accelerate Trust with Your Team, Customers and Community

The Courage of a Leader: How to Lead, Sell and Succeed Virtually


Her new book is a #1 international best-seller and is entitled, The Courage of a Leader: How to Inspire, Engage and Get Extraordinary Results.


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Amy Riley:

Welcome to The Courage of a Leader podcast. This is where you hear real life stories of top leaders achieving extraordinary results. And you get practical advice and techniques, you can immediately apply for your own success. This is where you will get inspired, and take bold, courageous action. I am so glad you can join us. I'm your host, Amy Riley. Now, are you ready to step into the full power of your leadership and achieve the results you care about most? Let's ignite the courage of a leader.

Amy Riley:

I get to make a difference and augment the perspectives and the skills of leaders in the coaching and the consulting that I do. Yeah, I'm also a keynote speaker, because I appreciate the ability to reach 1000s of leaders at once. Right and to have them walk away with new perspectives and new techniques that they can implement right away, that will transform their leadership and enable them to achieve the extraordinary results that they want to achieve. My most popular keynote is entitled The courage of a leader, the power of your leadership legacy. Let's listen in two parts of this keynote. To understand how a leadership legacy calls you to play big keeps you from unknowingly put unknowingly playing the waiting game that so many leaders get caught up in. Right and inspires you to be resilient, be creative, and achieve those extraordinary results that you most want to achieve.

Amy Riley:

Amy Riley when you decide and declare your leadership legacy, you get three secret superpowers. The first one, you are bold and extraordinary. You are bold and extraordinary when you have a leadership legacy. The legacy helps you set priorities. And that has you weeding away the unimportant work, that swirl of busyness that it's so easy to get into these days. It has you tapped into what is going to serve the greater good, right because you have this bigger picture aspiration that's inherent in your legacy. It has was acting bigger than our ego, bigger than any normal human consideration. It has us being bold and extraordinary. I'm going to say that you can be the courageous leader, your leadership legacy calls you to be today. You already have everything that you need. And here's how I know.

Amy Riley:

I'm standing in Madison, Wisconsin, on a road next to my bike. It's raining. I'm trying to protect my phone. As I am in tears inconsolable on a call with my husband Kevin ranting, I'm ranting. I'm saying I'm supposed to go on an 80 mile bike ride today, I have only gone 11 miles and I am lost. I am tired of figuring things out for this training. I don't know whether to go forwards or backwards. I have a GPS and a map and I can't figure it out. This is the worst idea I have ever had. Why did I think I wanted to do this? I don't know how he understood half of it through the tears. But he said, Honey, you've got this. I know it's hard. If it was easy. Everybody would be completing Ironman races.

Amy Riley:

It's about the courage to get through each day kind of like the she's talking about and that example of the marathon. The triathlon is really how we go through hard times. It's about getting the courage to get up anyway show up anyway. Wake up anyway.

Amy Riley:

I'm in danger of not hitting that bike cut off time. It's gonna take a miracle to get there in time. I get back on my bike, I'm going fast. And yep, I get a fourth flat tire. This time I'm not crying. I am just moving. I get it. trying to get back on the bike, I am now writing faster than I have ever ridden on a bike ever. Motivation at its best. Her story described, I think most of our lives basically because it's just about not stopping. It's about you know, even though you may come across some flat tires on your journey, some potholes in the road, some obstacles, to just keep going,

Amy Riley:

we pack up, we go home defeated. The dream is over. A few years go by, and then Ironman Wisconsin comes back around. I tell my family are hesitant at first, and then they get on board. My daughter, Mackenzie says, Mom, you got to go finish that race. And my son Jake says, then you'll be a real Ironman. So I go back to training. It's Wednesday before the race, I wake up, and I clearly have a virus. This is a race I estimate it will take me between 15 and 16 hours to complete. How is my body going to do this with a virus per story about you know, finally being a real Iron Man by doing it the third time even though she had a virus. There the admonition we there's always more that we could do than we think that we can do. You know, pushing through taking the risk showing up and being willing to fail. And if you fail, get back up and try it again.

Amy Riley:

We can do more than we think that we can do. We have more in us than we believe that we do. I know that each and every one of you can achieve what you want to achieve. You can cross that finish line. Even when you think that you can't. You can accomplish your dreams because you have the courage of a leader.

Amy Riley:

If you're getting value from the courage of a leader and you would like to bring the courage of a leader, to your team, to your organization to an association that you're a part of, please reach out, you can leave a comment below you can email me at Amy at courage of leader calm, you can reach out through the speaking page of the courage of a leader website which can be found at Whichever way is easiest for you to reach out. I'd love to hear from you and support you and the leaders around you. What's ignite the courage of a leader.