You are currently viewing The Impact of the 3Ws: Conversations that Guarantee Meaning, Productivity and Legacy with Dan Meek

The Impact of the 3Ws: Conversations that Guarantee Meaning, Productivity and Legacy with Dan Meek

My guest today on The Courage of a Leader podcast, Dan Meek, gives us a simple, yet powerful and versatile framework for conversations that are valuable, productive and deepen relationships.

Dan is the CEO of LIW, a leadership consultancy with a mission of democratizing leadership. You’ll enjoy our conversation about conversations. I’m glad you’re here!

About the Guest:

Dan Meek is the Chief Executive Officer at LIW – A global leadership consultancy on a mission to democratise leadership by helping people and organisations to build and be a part of awesome teams.

Dan brings a deep and diverse experience to LIW and its clients, having worked in key executive roles for both established and start-up organisations. During his career, he has held roles leading sales and customer success organisations in global HR Tech firms, on executive teams of professional services firms and, more recently, as a Chief Customer Officer.

Dan is passionate about helping organisations to improve their ability to create high-performing teams aligned to the ever-changing strategic narrative which not only improves organisational performance and culture but also creates a highly desirable workplace for today’s workforce and into the future.


The best way to reach Dan is through email at


About the Host:

Amy L. Riley is an internationally renowned speaker, author and consultant. She has over 2 decades of experience developing leaders at all levels. Her clients include Cisco Systems, Deloitte and Barclays.

As a trusted leadership coach and consultant, Amy has worked with hundreds of leaders one-on-one, and thousands more as part of a group, to fully step into their leadership, create amazing teams and achieve extraordinary results. 


Amy’s most popular keynote speeches are:

The Courage of a Leader: The Power of a Leadership Legacy

The Courage of a Leader: Create a Competitive Advantage with Sustainable, Results-Producing Cross-System Collaboration

The Courage of a Leader: Accelerate Trust with Your Team, Customers and Community

The Courage of a Leader: How to Build a Happy and Successful Hybrid Team


Her new book is a #1 international best-seller and is entitled, The Courage of a Leader: How to Inspire, Engage and Get Extraordinary Results.


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