Inspire Your Team Assessment Results

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Interpreting Your Scores

Scores below 3.0 represent an opportunity to intentionally develop your courage.

You can find support to increase your demonstration of courage on The Courage of a Leader website. Click on the following links for Resources and Podcast Episodes that provide concrete guidance:

Pillar 1: The Courage to Be Authentically You

Pillar 2: The Courage to Say What Needs to Be Said

Pillar 3: The Courage to Trust the Legacy

Pillar 4: The Courage to Be Bold and Create the Extraordinary

Scores between 3.1 and 4.0 represent areas where you can demonstrate courage, yet don’t always find ways to do so. Spend some time reflecting in the coming weeks about when you automatically or consciously demonstrate courage and when you miss opportunities to act courageously. Work to identify what allows you to do so and what holds you back.

Scores between 4.1 and 5.0 represent a strength area for you for demonstrating The Courage of a Leader. Acknowledge and grow your strength area. Know you’re a role model in this area and take advantage of any opportunities to coach and mentor others to demonstrate courage in the same ways.


Note from Amy Riley, The Courage of a Leader

Regardless of your specific scores, make note of where you are strongest. Intentionally lean into and continue to leverage these aspects of your courage. This is where you currently have sources of inspiration for yourself and those around you.

Make note of where you were not able to rate yourself strongly. Consider these and how you can use your unique strengths and passion to exhibit this kind of courage. If you’d like support, reach out to to set up a time to connect. I’d be happy to support you.

Amy Riley, Author, The Courage of a Leader


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