The Courage of a Leader Podcast is where top leaders tell real stories about achieving extraordinary results and share practical advice and techniques you can immediately apply for your own success. This is where you will get inspired and take bold, courageous action.
Guests on The Courage of a Leader® are powerful, successful leaders who are passionate about authentic, engaging, difference-making leadership. Amy gets beyond the theory and dives deep with her guests about how things really work, so you walk away with tangible ideas to grow your influence, inspire your team, and get extraordinary results.
The podcast launched on February 22, 2022, and reached the top 75 in the US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Philippines and The Netherlands within 3 days. That’s exciting and enables us to reach more leaders.
Join us to step into the full power of your leadership and achieve what you care about most. Here’s where you’ll ignite The Courage of a Leader®!
In over 2 decades of developing leaders at all levels, I’ve noticed that whenever I have been inspired or impressed by a leader, that leader was demonstrating personal courage. They were doing the internal work in order to be able to create amazing results out in the world. In this episode, I tell you some of those stories of when I was inspired and impressed.
Before we start hearing from my amazing podcast guests, I do want to let you know that there is a trait that all courageous leaders have in common. I have validated this through my decades of work with leaders and the interviews I conducted for The Courage of a Leader book. In this episode, I tell you the trait that all successful leaders achieving extraordinary results have in common.

The Courage of a Leader® 4 Pillars

the courage to be authentically you

the courage to say what needs
to be said

the courage to TRUST THE

the courage to be bold and create the extraordinary