The Courage of a Leader Podcast is where top leaders tell real stories about achieving extraordinary results and share practical advice and techniques you can immediately apply for your own success. This is where you will get inspired and take bold, courageous action.
Guests on The Courage of a Leader® are powerful, successful leaders who are passionate about authentic, engaging, difference-making leadership. Amy gets beyond the theory and dives deep with her guests about how things really work, so you walk away with tangible ideas to grow your influence, inspire your team, and get extraordinary results.
The podcast launched on February 22, 2022, and reached the top 75 in the US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Philippines and The Netherlands within 3 days. That’s exciting and enables us to reach more leaders.
Join us to step into the full power of your leadership and achieve what you care about most. Here’s where you’ll ignite The Courage of a Leader®!
My guest today on The Courage of a Leader podcast is Nicole Greer. Nicole says, name the challenge you’re facing in your culture, and she will help you solve it. From culture shifting keynotes and workshops, executive coaching or long-term partnerships, her work helps you develop your next leaders. In this episode, Nicole shares with us 2 acronyms for powerful, pragmatic, easy-to-implement strategies for immediate results and more than a handful of valuable resources. This is not an episode to miss!
Katie Zaferes is a 2-time Olympian and 2-time Olympic medalist and the 2019 World Champion in World Triathlon. She’s also a Mom and an all around fantastic human. Katie talks with me openly about how she’s intentionally worked on the mental side of the sport and what it’s like for her to return to competition at the highest level after giving birth and while fulfilling her dream of becoming a Mom. Listen in to be inspired and to transfer the lessons Katie has learned to your own work and life.
Today, on The Courage of a Leader podcast, you can be inspired and impressed by Natasha Miller Williams, a speaker and a writer who brings data and insights together to advance the conversation about inclusion in the workplace. Natasha is finding ways to improve how we all relate to each other, and the opportunities that we can create for everyone. Listen in as she shares her insightful and practical approach for any individual to successfully challenge a system.
Today, on The Courage of a Leader podcast, you can be inspired and impressed by Eric Larson, Tilia Holdings Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Chairman. Eric’s mission is to transform the effectiveness and efficiencies in the food supply industry, focusing on food safety, nutrition, and wellness, and sustainability. No small task!! Listen in to discover the innovative ways he’s approaching his commitment and take away lessons that can benefit you and all leaders.
My guest on this episode of The Courage of a Leader podcast is Kim-Adele Randall. Kim-Adele is an inspiring people-focused leader, consultant, author, and speaker. In this episode, we discuss how to authentically lead through emotional challenges. We explore the importance of self-awareness, vulnerability, and compassion in leadership. Kim-Adele also shared tips on how to navigate difficult emotions, build trust with your team, and create a supportive workplace culture.
My guest today, Kim Becker, is the owner and operator of the San Diego International Airport, joins us to day to talk about culture at the airport. It’s infiltrating their conversations, their meetings and how they’re thinking about and approaching their work. Kim is very intentional about calling their efforts a process, not a program. They are taking their time with this process, giving their most vital mindsets the focus they deserve and involving all levels of leadership in new ways. Tune in to learn how they’re doing it and the difference it’s making. It’s powerful!

The Courage of a Leader® 4 Pillars

the courage to be authentically you

the courage to say what needs
to be said

the courage to TRUST THE

the courage to be bold and create the extraordinary