The Courage of a Leader Podcast is where top leaders tell real stories about achieving extraordinary results and share practical advice and techniques you can immediately apply for your own success. This is where you will get inspired and take bold, courageous action.
Guests on The Courage of a Leader® are powerful, successful leaders who are passionate about authentic, engaging, difference-making leadership. Amy gets beyond the theory and dives deep with her guests about how things really work, so you walk away with tangible ideas to grow your influence, inspire your team, and get extraordinary results.
The podcast launched on February 22, 2022, and reached the top 75 in the US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Philippines and The Netherlands within 3 days. That’s exciting and enables us to reach more leaders.
Join us to step into the full power of your leadership and achieve what you care about most. Here’s where you’ll ignite The Courage of a Leader®!
In this episode, you will have the pleasure of hearing from Orvel Ray Wilson as we translate his lessons learned from leading a volunteer orchestra into valuable guidance for leaders who are working to influence across their organizations without direct authority.
My guest today on The Courage of a Leader podcast is David Johnson. David has a 20-year track record of driving organizational change. He's a turnaround expert, and often turnarounds bring with them negative connotation - harsh realities, lost jobs, and cutthroat decision making. You'll, however, find that David is different, and I know you'll appreciate his unique perspectives and pragmatic advice for How to Go From Visionary to Change Agent to Triumphant.
You heard from Elisabeth Herbner in the last episode, as she shared some of the wisdom she’s gotten from previous guests on The Courage of a Leader podcast. That was a nice way to underscore pragmatic, universal and extremely valuable insights and guidance we’ve heard. In this episode, Elisabeth shares guidance from her yoga practice, and the real-life examples of how she and others have put it into play to best serve themselves. Play along, and as you listen, identify what’s most important for you to practice at work and in your life, and identify how to do so. Practice your own wisdom for improved satisfaction and results!
Welcome to this episode entitled: Find Peace in Leadership Storms: Top Podcast Fan Shares Her Most Powerful Secrets From Our Previous Guests. You’ll hear from Elisabeth Herbner, a dear friend, business owner and healthcare worker who helps people reach their goals in a variety of ways. I’m glad you’re here because you’re going to get the cliff notes from 3 previous episodes of The Courage of a Leader podcast, which provide important Ah Ha!s, and learn how you can create your own Ah Ha!s every day.
My guest on this episode, Jeanne Sparrow, is a 7-time Emmy-winning television host, radio personality on V103 Chicago, and a speaker and consultant who helps people and organizations find more success by delivering their unique, authentic value through visionary leadership and inspiring speaking. And, in this episode she provides transformative insights and practical guidance to do just that!! She does so in the form of 3 questions - she’s got 3 questions for everything - that you can easily answer for yourself and put into practice. I’m glad you’re here to listen and learn from Jeanne!
My guest today on The Courage of a Leader podcast, Dan Meek, gives us a simple, yet powerful and versatile framework for conversations that are valuable, productive and deepen relationships. Dan is the CEO of LIW, a leadership consultancy with a mission of democratizing leadership. You’ll enjoy our conversation about conversations. I’m glad you’re here!

The Courage of a Leader® 4 Pillars

the courage to be authentically you

the courage to say what needs
to be said

the courage to TRUST THE

the courage to be bold and create the extraordinary