The Courage of a Leader Podcast is where top leaders tell real stories about achieving extraordinary results and share practical advice and techniques you can immediately apply for your own success. This is where you will get inspired and take bold, courageous action.
Guests on The Courage of a Leader® are powerful, successful leaders who are passionate about authentic, engaging, difference-making leadership. Amy gets beyond the theory and dives deep with her guests about how things really work, so you walk away with tangible ideas to grow your influence, inspire your team, and get extraordinary results.
The podcast launched on February 22, 2022, and reached the top 75 in the US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Philippines and The Netherlands within 3 days. That’s exciting and enables us to reach more leaders.
Join us to step into the full power of your leadership and achieve what you care about most. Here’s where you’ll ignite The Courage of a Leader®!
My guest today is Carrie Beckstrom, the CEO of PowerSpeaking. Carrie is passionate about helping leaders and organizations develop powerful communication skills that inspire and get results. You’re going to be inspired and get results when you hear Carrie talk about how to enhance your executive presence.
This guest episode, “The Courage to Be an Inclusive Leader,” with Ellen Burton will give you concrete concepts and guidance to be the inclusive leader your team desires and deserves. Ellen is an international speaker on business issues which include workplace culture, diversity, equity and inclusive leadership. Ellen speaks about this nuanced topic in a clear, understandable, and accessible way. I’m glad you’re here to listen in!
Beth Ruske, Co-Founder of Tiara International – a leadership development consultancy – is an innovative strategic thinker who embodies a win/win approach in every situation. In this episode she shares with us practical, anyone-can-apply guidance and a specific tool we can use to improve our outlook and increase our influence. Get pen and paper ready, you’re going to want to take some notes!
Nancy Rizzuto is a Co-Founder of both Cap Strat and Cap Strat Women’s Forum. Nancy is a visionary. She’s clear about her purpose, and she shares with us in this episode about how to inspire others to live abundant and meaningful lives. I know you’ll be inspired by Nancy and who she is in our world.
So many leaders ask me: How do I get people excited about and ready for the new year? We've dealt with a lot this year. How do we re-group and re-energize to start the year off strong? In this episode, I'll share what it takes to inspire ourselves and our teams, and give you concrete guidance and examples of how to do so.
José Pires is a cross-industry Excellence and Innovation executive leader and advisor with extensive experience in a variety of industries. In this episode he clearly defines the traits and skills of a collaborative leader. You don’t want to miss this one! It’s packed with research and experienced-based guidance.

The Courage of a Leader® 4 Pillars

the courage to be authentically you

the courage to say what needs
to be said

the courage to TRUST THE

the courage to be bold and create the extraordinary