Get into the Mindset Guaranteed to Accelerate Trust

How do we get into the mindset for extending trust? Assume good intentions. That’s it, assume good intentions. From the beginning, and when it seems like someone is stalling, and when a mistake is made, assume good intentions. Keep assuming good intentions until the facts very clearly show you can no longer do so. And, circumstantial evidence, options of others, how it initially looks, and conjectures we make are all not facts.

It’s a simple concept, yet not always easy. What about when we’re simply not assuming good intentions? When someone has let us down repeatedly? When all the evidence seems to say that this person with whom I’m interacting is not well-intentioned?

Then, it’s time to do some mindset work. And, I believe it’s well worth it to challenge ourselves to get to the place in our heads and hearts where we can truly trust. Will we get burned sometimes? Yes. I’ve been hurt and let down. Yet, I’d rather be let down at times, then to feel that shame and embarrassment associated with times when I haven’t trusted someone’s intentions and I find out that the individual was working for the good of the group and situation. That’s what really doesn’t feel good.

So, how do we work to shift our mindset?

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